Monday, August 14, 2006

The children's home is located in a well known humanitarian zone. "The Sencholai children's home compound was established eight years ago and is well known to international agencies," Mr. Sivarajah, a civil servant said. "Many UN seminars, including those conducted by UNICEFhave been held here."

"The Sencholai building has been for the past 8 years used to house girls who had lost one or more parents. Several other institutions providing humanitarian services are located close to Sencholai. 'Iniya Valvu Illam', a house for the severely disabled, 'Gandhi Illam', a children's home for boys, 'Vasantham', another children's home are located within 1 km from the Sencholai building that witnessed the carnage today," Mr Sivarajah said.

"Administrators of the Iniya Valvu Illam have informed me that the disabled children in their home are severely traumatized, and their staff has been consoling and counseling the children," Mr Sivarajah added.


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Tamils must unite - if there are people with egos then just leave them to rot...example:

Else we see more additions to this:

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